Ilan Pappe
How Dare You?
Article published on 21 July 2014

by C.P.

Last night one could see how Israel officially has given up the charade of democracy. I saw it in the city of Haifa. Two thousands hooligans came well-armed with stones and bottles that were hurled at the demonstrators from the very beginning. They were invited there by local politicians. The police did not only standby, but helped the mob by cordoning the demonstrators so that they could not move out of the firing zone. The media covering the event saluted the thugs for finally standing for the nation in its hour of need. The scenes were reminiscent from the last days of the Wiemar republic.

The media in Israel went one step further this morning when the first news of the Shujaiya massacre came through. Cover-up, justification and not one word of regret was the message that came from the self-righteous media. In face of the 2014 Sabra and Shatila, one may ask, although this is not the most important question at this time, and yet there is never a good time for this, how dare some of our more prominent friends in the solidarity movement question the wisdom and necessity of the BDS movement?

What else would stop this barbarism and the future massacres? What else would bypass the cynical and impotent Western governments that provide immunity for these atrocities? What else would send a message to President Obama whose senior aide told the Israeli media that only when the death toll would cross the 1000 bar, the US would intervene?

The restaurant owners of Mumbai stop selling American drinks, protesting against the USA aid to Israel (most of the weapons wreaking havoc in Shujaiyya are either made in the USA or being paid by the USA). We should all find are original way for strengthening the only strategy that really matters now in this hour of darkness.