Abby Zimet
Children to Drone Operators: We Are Not Bugs. We Are Children
Article published on 21 July 2014
last modification on 9 April 2014

by C.P.

Oh so weary of mindless drone operators dubbing their innocent victims "bug splats" - really - artists and human rights groups have mounted #NotABugSplat, a devastating art/life project in a heavily bombed area of Pakistan featuring the massive portrait of a young girl who lost her parents and siblings in a drone attack. The girl is facing up. She is saying to soldiers sitting at consoles evidently too many miles away to understand what they are killing: These are not bugs. Not ground kills. Not video images. Not abstractions. Not terrorists. They’re us, and too often we’re kids. Powerful work from the Foundation for Fundamental Rights, the U.K.-based Reprieve, the French street artist JR, and others.