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Article published on 19 April 2018

Review by Erica Smith
Article published on 13 October 2017
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Image If there was ever a book that should be reviewed in Peace News this is it. Not only is 83-year old Margaretta D’Arcy a lifelong campaigner for peace but it was Peace News that drove her, at 79, to climb the fence at Shannon airport and protest on the runway – not once, but twice:

‘On the (...)

Article published on 27 September 2017
last modification on 11 May 2015

Article published on 27 September 2017
last modification on 11 May 2015
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Uri Avnery
Article published on 17 September 2017
Rubrik : Willkommen 2017

MY OPTIMISM about the future of Israel irritates a lot of people. How can I be an optimist in view of what’s happening here every day? The practical annexation of occupied territories? The mistreatment of the Arabs? The implantation of poisonous settlements?

But optimism is a state of mind. It does not falter in the face of evil. On the contrary, evil must be fought. And you cannot fight if you do not believe that you can win.

Some of my friends believe that the fight is already lost. That Israel can no longer be changed "from within". That the (...)

Article published on 6 January 2017
last modification on 7 January 2017
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Near Cannon Ball, N.D. — Last Sunday, the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock in North Dakota was slick with icy, packed-down snow. The mud was glass. Veterans poured in, having traveled all night to support the people protecting their water from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

I linked arms (...)

Bernd Druecke
Article published on 5 January 2017
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Karl Marx modified a Hegel quotation that world-historical facts always occurred twice, "the first time as tragedy and the next time as farce" (1). Since November 9, 2016, we know they can occur as tragedy and farce at once.

"Neoliberalism now seems to be in the process-optimization of world history," the sociologist Rudiger Haude said with raised eyebrows.


The election in the United States on November 8, 2016, was a farce. People chose between two extremely unsympathetic and anti-social (...)

George Lakey
Article published on 29 October 2016
last modification on 30 October 2016
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Ideas on how to unify a majority of Americans through a broad strategy that makes the country ungovernable by the 1 percent and provides a credible, practical alternative to its rule. We can build on strengths we already have, opportunities that are already available, and skills that are learnable. This is the time to be bold because we can learn from history and also to go beyond it. This is a moment calling each of us to an adventure of empowerment.

George Lakey talk at UMass Amherst 9/21/16 for Resistance Studies Initiative,

UMass Amherst, USA 1:10:12

Ideas on how to unify a majority of Americans through a broad strategy that makes the country ungovernable by the 1 percent and provides a (...)

Uri Avnery
Article published on 28 August 2016
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"GIVE ME generals who have luck!" Napoleon once exclaimed.

Which reminds one of Goethe’s Faust, who complained that "the fools never realize how luck is connected with talent."
Luck can be a great benefactor. It can also be the cause of catastrophes. I seem to remember that one of those evil Greek gods or goddesses destroyed their human victims by making them lucky.

Luck goes with hubris. And hubris leads to nemesis.

TAKE, JUST for example, Binyamin Netanyahu. A very lucky politician – up to now, at least.

His predecessors were confronted with a united front of Arab states, which were determined to destroy Israel, or at least to help the Palestinian people to achieve freedom and independence.

In 1948, all (...)

W. E. B. Du Bois to Malcolm X
By Vincent Intondi
Article published on 7 August 2016
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When the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. announced his strong opposition to the war in Vietnam, the media attacked him for straying outside of his civil rights mandate. In so many words, powerful interests told him: “Mind your own business.”

In fact, African American leaders have long been concerned with broad issues of peace and justice and have especially opposed nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, this activism is left out of mainstream corporate-produced history textbooks.

Coretta Scott King (R) with Women Strike for Peace (...)

Statement from the CO Association in Turkey:
Article published on 18 July 2016
last modification on 25 July 2016
Section : Welcome

Military coups have brought along human rights violations in every location they have taken place. In every place where the army has taken control by force, the violence has been further institutionalized and the societies who witness the coups have been stuck in spirals of violence. The process we have been living since July 15 night is making us experience a variety of this spiral of violence.

On one side military coup scenarios are being put into practice by “Peace at Home Council”, on the other side AKP government’s so called “democratic moves” are on the agenda.

This equation will enable AKP to further centralize the government by gathering the power in one hand and apply the (...)

Milan Rai
‘Leave it in the ground’ say anti-coal campaigners
Article published on 4 June 2016
last modification on 1 June 2016
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On 14 May, as part of an international climate action, 2,000 campaigners entered and shut down the massive Welzow-Süd opencast lignite coal mine, and its coal-loading station, in Lusatia in eastern Germany. The protest escalated on the following day as more protesters shut down the nearby (...)

Onur Erem
Article published on 23 March 2016
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Turkish court:

We think that your thought isn’t a thought – so you can’t benefit from freedom of thought!

Turkish courts have released the detailed ruling against Yannis Vasilis Yaylali, the conscientious objector from Turkey who was convicted for violating a highly controversial penal code, Article 318 – “alienating public from military service”. The details show that Turkish courts are doing their (...)

Theodore Baird
Article published on 3 October 2015
last modification on 5 September 2015

A number of scholars, journalists, and activists have argued that we may be witnessing the development of a ‘security-industrial complex’ in Europe which resembles the earlier ‘military-industrial complex’ of the Cold War. The border security-industrial complex refers to the relations between military, security, and private industry within a global market for the design and implementation of border security technologies

The main actors are governments, suppliers of security technologies, and security forces demanding use of new technologies for controlling and managing state borders. The types of industrial actors which supply border security technology range from general and specialized equipment providers (...)

Feature by Andrew Rigby and Marwan Darweish
Article published on 24 July 2015
Section : Welcome

Extracts from the new book, Popular Protest in Palestine, an important study of popular unarmed resistance to the Israeli occupation since the second intifada

As one member of a popular committee in Silwan [on the outskirts of Jerusalem] observed: ‘A major challenge is the coordination of nonviolent activities. Some focus on the [Israeli Separation] Wall, others on checkpoints and others on settlements. There is no coordination like there was in the (...)

Article published on 12 July 2015
last modification on 18 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Another Politics: Talking Across Today’s Transformative Movements

by Chris Dixon
University of California Press, 2014
Reviewed by Carwil Bjork-James

Over the past two decades, a certain kind of radical politics has surfaced and resurfaced, most recently within the whirlwind of activism that made up the Occupy movement. As the movement spread and encampments grew, occupiers sought to deepen their critiques and build democracy amongst (...)

Stefania Gualberti
Article published on 5 June 2015
last modification on 12 June 2015
Section : N° 42. May 2015

Arpilleras are three dimensional appliquéd tapestries originating in Chile in the late 1960s. They originally depicted the landscapes and everyday lives of women and their families in rural areas. They were made with scraps of different materials found in homes using the burlap from bags of potatoes or flour as a canvas.

Arpillera means strong burlap.
During the Pinochet dictatorship (1973 - 1990) they became a form of resistance.

Through workshops with the Association of Relatives of Detained and Disappeared sponsored by the Vicariate of Solidarity of the Catholic Church in Chile, in 1977 women courageously came together and made arpilleras to tell their stories portraying the places, the people and the (...)

Article published on 12 January 2015
last modification on 18 February 2015
Section : N° 40-41. December 2014-January 2015


Terrorism Serves the State, Brian Martin

Do Wars Really Defend “America’s Freedom”?, Lawrence Wittner

American Exceptionalism and American Torture, William Blum

Adding More Proof ’War Is Over’ Is a Myth, NATO Commander Warns of Inevitable Deaths to Come, Sarah Lazare

US control (...)

Article published on 12 January 2015
last modification on 24 September 2014
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Article published on 12 January 2015
last modification on 24 September 2014
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Article published on 12 January 2015
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Article published on 12 January 2015
Section : ON THE NET

Article published on 12 January 2015
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Article published on 12 January 2015
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Article published on 12 January 2015
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Article published on 12 January 2015
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Article published on 12 January 2015
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Article published on 12 January 2015
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Lawrence Wittner
A Threat to Civil Liberties
Article published on 12 January 2015
last modification on 11 January 2015

U.S. politicians and pundits are fond of saying that America’s wars have defended America’s freedom. But the historical record doesn’t bear out this contention. In fact, over the past century, U.S. wars have triggered major encroachments upon civil liberties.

Shortly after the United States (...)

Neville Rigby
Article published on 12 January 2015
last modification on 29 November 2014

Moves to define Israel in constitutional law as a Jewish state might seem at first glance tautological. Didn’t Israel shoot, bomb, and murder its way into existence so that David Ben Gurion could declare a Jewish state in 1948?

Forget the ethnic cleansing of the Nakba, with three quarters of a (...)

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